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everis provides business and strategy solutions, application development and maintenance, and outsourcing services. The company, which operates in the leading industries, achieved a turnover of 1.17 billion euros in the last fiscal year. We are a large family of over 25.000 professionals in 18 countries across Europe, USA and Latin America. Since our foundation in 1996, we have been highly committed to foster innovation and talent.
everis Belgium was launched in 2010, and since then has grown rapidly and steadily. We count on a team of 150 local employees and an extended network of more than 500 consultants, all passionate about digital transformation and business innovation.. Organisations such as European institutions, NATO, AXA, DKV, among others, rely on us to address their business challenges through a better leverage on technology.
Our successful growth in Belgium led us to open new offices in Luxembourg in 2012, and in the Netherlands in 2018.

The everis Foundation was created in 2001 with the firm compromise to promote entrepreneurship, promote innovation and encourage people┬┤s talent. These three pilars allows us to develop activities in different fields that support the development of people and maximizes talent as the key engine of progress.

We contribute, through the volunteering work of our everis professionals, so that society can recognize the importance of talent and to eliminate the social, geographical and economic barriers that hinder their development.

everis Awards Belgium

We are looking for the best Belgian entrepreneur to compete on the XIX edition of the global everis Awards. We are looking for projects based in high-impact technologies that improves the quality of life of people and/or promotes environmental care. Generally speaking, we are looking for projects that are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN in order to leave a transformative footprint in society.

New business models in the digital economy

The increasing use of disruptive technologies as IoT, Artifitial Intelligence, Big Data and other IT-related disciplines is changing the way we understand business. These technologies have dramatically changed the way we move, buy, communicate and interact with our friends and colleagues. This change is part of new digital culture in which the barriers between physical and virtual worlds are becoming narrower. everis fosters this move and it is seeking for those entrepreneurs that have identified new opportunities thanks to the application of these technologies.

The call is closed

Finished August 20, 2020

Winner 2019


Geckomatics develops an AI based mobile mapping system, giving organisations the tools to create and update their geospatial information with unprecedented ease and cost efficiency. This is made possible by combining our in-house designed mobile camera with location sensors and state of the art Artificial Intelligence in the cloud.

Global everis Awards 2019

10 entrepreneurs, 10 stories, 10 countries, 1 objective: transform society and win the Global everis Awards 2019. This is how we lived the everis talent week in Madrid and the awards ceremony.

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